Aniline(Phenylamine) is a toxic organic liquid compound and mainly used in the manufacture of intermediates in polymer industry, rubber and pigment industries. Physically it has a pale yellow appearance with a rotten fish odor.


Rubber Chemicals - Antioxidants,Accelerators,Vulcanising Agents Photographic Chemicals - Hydroquinone Dyes & Dye Intermediates - Acetanilide, Cyclo Hexyl Amine, Aceto Acetanilide, Diethoxy Aniline, P-Amino Azo Benzene, Diethyle Aniline, Dimethyl Aniline, Diphenyl Aniline, Sulphanilic Acid, 2-5 Dimethoxy Aniline Pharmaceutical - Analgin, Isopropyl antipyrine, Sulpha Drugs, Oxyphen Butazone,Vitamin B2 Isocyanates - Methylene Diphenylene Di-Isocynate (MDI) Explosives, esticides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Fingicides.


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